Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Once upon a time there were three dwarfs they names are steven, keven and leven they are best of bros.
       Steven made a competition for him and his bros. Each round is ten minutes there are three round the Items they have to find are rubies, amethyst And diamond. The first item they have to find is the ruby they got there
pick axe and wheelbarrow. Ready set go!!! And off they went to find some rubies and steven find the first ruby and steven said i’m the king at this competition and leven find the second ruby leven said boiii and keven find the third ruby keven said eoiii. The ten minutes is over it was a close round but keven won steven and leven are angry at keven with the win. The next item they have to find is the amethyst ready set go!!! And off they went again looking for amethyst leven find the first amethyst, keven find the second amethyst and steven find the third and the ten minute over again and what a coincidence steven has won for the first time in forever steven has won a round. And the third and final round The item is diamonds They get ready for the last time Ready set go they go of the last time leven find three diamonds in a row Steven And Keven  still have zero diamonds  how was that possible. the last ten minutes is over Leven has won this round  what does this mean they are when they're all good at Minding .

Friday, 1 December 2017


Hello my name is Leatham and I worked with my buddy doing emotions. You're properly wondering what did you learn?, Well me and Jonathon were finding songs on the internet finding songs that can suit emotions such as happy, sad and angry.

Sorry for grammer mistakes or if it dosn't make sense...


WALT - make inferences from a text

We are learning about finding clues in the text. I answered some questions and this makes me understand and helps me. You can read my work.