Thursday, 5 April 2018

How does the weather change our mood?

How does the weather change our mood?

Do you change when the weather changes? Well I do then it
is raining I feel angry and sad because it’s better when we are
play out in the fresh air.

When it is stormy I get excited because you get to because
I get to see the lightning. Why do I like the lightning you ask
because it looks fascinating but I do not want the lightning to get
to close.

When it is sunny I get very happy because I get to
play outside and play some sport and have some FUN! When
is my game day it is very happy why you ask well it is because it
is sunny.

Pak N save

130 Pt england Road
Glen Innes

Hello pak n save manager,

My name is Leatham I am year 8 at pt england school I am going to talk to you about the single use plastic bags. What about the plastic bags polluting you ask well the plastic bag’s that us people use well some of us people do not want to use plastic bags because it get in the sea and killing the fish and other sea creatures so what I’m talking about the plastic bags are Polluting the world.

I hope you take what I say Ford and banned the plastic bags so we can stop polluting the world and make it salf.

Yours sincerely