Friday, 24 August 2018

Move your body

Hello fellow readers My name is Leatham and a couple of weeks back team 5 had to learn a new skill. Room 1 there new skill that they had to learn was juggling three balls at once the first week it was not good because I was very bad. Week 2 I was getting the hang for juggling three balls at once I was in impressed with the outcame ( I got used)

So the new skill we are going to be learning for the next few weeks is going to be learning how to do a frontflip.I think this week is going to be easy I already know how to flip just can't land. My buddy I am going to be working with is Jonathon.

Wallace Spearmon

This week's writing was about us explaining how owner athlete was feeling after 2012 London 200 meter men's race. HOPE YOU VERY LIKE MY WRITING!!!

Mr Spearmon: How do you feel?

Disappointed because had gone a little bit faster I would have come 3rd place but it was good racing with the other athletes.

 Mr Spearmon: Were you confident at the start of the race?

 NO!! Definitely not confident because Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake are very good runs.

Mr Spearmon: Will you be training daily?

YES!! I will be training daily 4 hours a per day so I can be ready for the next race.Image result for wallace spearmonImage result for wallace spearmon