Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady Pink and The 3 Elements for art

Today I'm going to talk about Lady Pink and the 3 Elements that she uses that is Shape,Colour and Line. You are probably thinking why I chose this person so why I chose this person is because Lady Pink is a great artist of graffiti. So let's go now with the elements that go with her art. So the first element that I going to talk about is Shape so Lady Pink she just uses the shape perfectly in this photo   Image result for lady pink graffiti the shape on this photo is so perfectly. So on to the next element is Line the way that she uses her lines are so straight look at this photo and look at her linesImage result for lady pink graffiti if you can see the lines are so straight. So of the last element is Colour in Lady Pinks art it is so colourful so look at this last photo and look at the colours that make it colourful  Image result for lady pink graffiti      so if you can see all of the all of the colours that make it colourful. So that is Lady Pink and how she uses the 3 Elements of art.

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  1. Kia ora Leatham your writing is amazing. I see you are learning about Lady Pink it seems like s=she is an amazing artist. All your her artworks looks amazing. I am amazed you still know the 3 elements of art. Who is your favourite artist?. I hope I see more information about lady pink and the how we uses the 3 element.


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