Wednesday, 29 July 2015

giant soup

                                   Giant Soup                  Retold by Leatham Teau

The giant’s mother said, “If you get hungry you can make a pot of soup and then the giant’s mother went on a holiday. Then he was hungry. So the giant  got some onions and put them in the pot. He tasted the soup and he said, “This soup doesn't taste right.” Next he went to his garden to get some carrots and he put them in the soup. He went to his refrigerator to get some beef bones and put the beef bone in the soup. He tasted the soup again and he said, The soup still doesn’t taste right.” Then he grabbed his sneakers and went out into the world.
  He saw a boy named Jason. The giant caught him and put him in his soup and Jason  swim round and round in it. Jason said,” Hey you don’t know how to cook because this is cold. Turn on the stove.” The giant went to turn on the stove and Jason swam round and round. Hey!” said Jason it needs some salt and pepper.”

After that the boy said, “It is lovely,” and the boy drank  lots more and the giant got angry so the giant quickly got Jason out of the soup pot.  Jason ran away as fast he could.

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