Thursday, 24 September 2015


Once upon a time there was a fox who lived with his old mother and his name was Sly fox. He tried to get Little Red Hen.That night he went to sleep and he thought of an idea to catch Little Red Hen. In the morning he said to his old mum, “Put the pot on the stove and I’ll bring Little Red Hen home for supper.”
Next Sly fox went to Little Red Hen’s home. He ran into the  forest and when he got to Little Red Hen’s home and he hid. When Little Red Hen got back to her home she saw his  bushy tail  and she  flew up to her perch.
The Fox  laughed and he  put his sack down and went round and round and Little Red Hen  lost her balance  and she  fell into the sack  and the Fox  ran into the  forest. He had a rest  because the sack was  heavy.  Little Red Hen poked her head out and she saw that Sly Fox  was sleeping. She noticed the stones and said to herself, “ It’s my turn to trick Sly Fox .”

She put some stones in the sack and ran home  and the Fox woke up and ran home with the sack . When he got home he said, “We are going to have Little Red Hen as I promised.” So there was a Big Splash!  The boiling water went over and that was the end of them and Little Red Hen lived happily ever after.

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